Saturday, September 29, 2012

2012 BRAWL Photos!

Well I had a blast at this years event, I want to thank everyone who came out and played.  It was cool to see so many people willing to traverse such a distance to hang out with us in Pullman WA.  I spent the weekend armed with a camera and a PBR.  Overall, it was the best time I have had at a Warhammer event.  I have a full album over on photobucket

Here are a few sample shots:

The necklace of Teef (sculpted by Evan, Cast by Magnus and painted by Deke a real team effort).  This went to the best general Jeremy.

Doug Stoker - saying this table is B*LLSH*T!

Chance and Corey battling it out.

Chris R. telling George "I am going to punch that camera man in the face!"

Fernando after his Space Wolves killed Tony's battlewagon with Death or Glory!  Also, this is pretty standard Fernando.

Federico - "And that is why Abaddon SUCKS!"
Bob - "I will shatter your knee caps.."

Paige - "Awe honey your army is so cute!"
Chris - "Yes, killer robots from the future are cute"
**Note Chris' army won best painted and is therefor deemed cute

Tony, before his battlewagon was destroyed by Death or Glory.  Also, 15 minutes into day 2 and working on his first PBR.  Tony is a true hero of DMB.

Yep he is going for the nipple.  Tony Marsters and Bob Kelly

Evan - "This terrain should be on my side of the board"
Khan - "I am pointing to where I will kick you"   (yes his name is Khan)

Local DMB Creed and Mike Bezzold play as Brandon sneaks by.

40k is a thinking mans game, with beer.  Ronnie and Brian.

Jeremy admiring how much death he can pack into one Bastion.  This is the army that won best general.

Carrey Scott putting on his best face, seriously this is his best one.

Josh and Duncan playing for the best of Blood Angles, fighting over the fallen head of Mars.

Brandon looking worried as Tycho's Eldar push onto his side of the table.

Joel one of our reps from Hodgins Drugs playing against Shane's Iron Warriors.

George and Tycho having WAY too much fun playing 40k (whats really in those Coke cans?)

The Thinker.  Dan

James gives Corey plenty of space when he rolls his dice.

Do you see this? Seriously!  Pat doesn't think that Chris really has that range.

Finally.  The Tournament Organizer Magnus with our pal Cameron who came into town, but forgot his Guard so he didn't get to play!

Monday, September 17, 2012

DMB Brawl Final Results!

Congratulations to our winners, and all who attended! We really enjoyed having you over, and we are already looking forward to the next time. Here is the final score sheet I promised:

Best Overall (and the soon-to-be-delivered Golden Whatsit) goes to Bob! Even in the waning days of his old codex, Bob of the Black Legion can still kick some ass.

Best Sportsman goes to Federico, with a whopping four favorite opponent votes! A shout out to Khan for grabbing three and coming in a close second for Best Sportsman.

For Best Painted, may I present Chris (known by some as Aventine) and his hideously perfect Necron legion, erupting from the soil and trailing behind them loose earth and roots.

Best General goes to Jeremy! Apparently he hadn't gotten the memo that Sisters of Battle suck, as he has been bashing in heads and pulling out teef for trophies all over the United States. A Frenchman hasn't kicked this much ass in America since Bloodsport.

Prize Support, showing the Best of Faction seals and the Necklace of Teef. Apologies for the blur!

For Best of Faction (each earning a Purity seal describing their badassery) we have:

Ronnie with Tyranids,
Joel with Tau,
Chance with Space Wolves,
Dan with Space Marines,
Jeremy with Sisters of Battle,
Federico with Orks,
Brian with Necrons,
Pat with Imperial Guard,
Doug with Grey Knights,
Tycho with Eldar,
Tony with Dark Angels,
Bob with Chaos Space Marines,
Duncan with Blood Angels.

Congratulations to all of you! I can't wait until next year!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Two spots left for the BRAWL! plus directions to the venue

Hey guys! We only have two spots left in the Brawl! If you're looking to come and haven't either already bought your ticket, or made arrangements with me, then your time is running out!

Some of the Prize Support

The doors open at 8:15am Saturday morning at Gladish Community center. The venue is at 115 N. Main Street. You can park along the street or in the upper parking lot, and can enter through the building (the gym is on the 2nd floor) or through the gym entrance in the back.

The first round begins at 9am! Please be sure to come early and check in. 


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sad news: Narrative portion of the event cancelled

Hey guys, good news and bad news!

Bad news first: Unfortunately we've had to cancel the Brawl Narrative portion of our event due to lack of interest. We've got too much competition within the same event for the tournament! Those who have already purchased tickets for the Narrative event have been contacted about getting a refund.

The good news is that this gives us an excuse to run a separate and exclusively focused narrative event early next year! We haven't settled on a weekend yet, but I want a good lead time for people to get ready for this event.

The 40k tournament side of things is looking great! We've been so busy finishing up terrain projects and getting some of our favorite club terrain refurbished that we've neglected to take a whole lot of pictures.

The Shrine of the Honoured Dead

The Triumphal Arches of Aldegan II


Friday, September 7, 2012

Last Chance for Brawl Badges!

Last chance to buy your Brawl badge! We are locking our attendee list early next week. Buy your badge before next Tuesday! Magnus

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Scatter terrain and Buildings

Had a productive Sunday.  Made some scatter terrain and based a few buildings I had around the house.

DON'T FORGET.  Look below for the GT Rules Packet!!!!!!!

Ammo dumps

Fuel caches

Buildings front

And rear

That's all for today, time to make dinner.

Friday, August 17, 2012

DMB Brawl 2012 GT Rules Packet

Well, here you are! The DMB Brawl is only a month away, and we decided it was high time we posted up our players information packet. In this PDF you will find:
  •  a schedule of the event
  • a list of what you should bring
  • the missions
  • the paint scoring rubric
  • a brief discussion of how we intend to handle a variety of factors

If you have any questions not addressed in the packet, please contact me!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A preview of our Purity Seal awards:

Here is a quick preview of our Purity Seal awards. These aren't the final product; they're just what we're giving away as a promotional item at the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge this weekend! The lucky recipient of these will earn a free ticket to the DMB Brawl in September. Each member of our teams will have one to give away.

We're also selling DMB Brawl dice:

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Building complete

Here are some shots of my latest completion.




Close up of crater:


And some graffiti


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Scatter Terrain

Well it's easy to get distracted.  Especially when your girlfriend is in town for a week, and even more so when a new edition of 40k is released.  Sixth edition has a lot of exciting content, as well as crazy new rules. One of the sections that got me most excited was the new terrain rules and it got me thinking about the Brawl again.  Specifically how we needed specific terrain.  So I started with the kits I had.

One of the boyz had the GW tank trap sprues, and another the razor wire.  Results:


The razor wire needs a hit of black ink and some rust, but you get the idea.  After checking out the price on GW tank traps I did some google searches and went to my local hobby store.  Turns out, it is way cheaper to make them on your own.


Close up:


These are really simple.  Get some styrene H-Columns.  Cut them into 2" lengths.  Glue two bits into a cross, then add a third piece.  I am going to add razor wire to some of these.

Fast easy terrain pieces, that use the new 6th Edition rules.  Huzzah!

We picked up another GW fantasy kit at the Spokane tournament, the Arcane Ruins.  Based on the picture n the GW site, this doesn't look like a big terrain kit.  However I found it has lots of potential and you can get a lot out of it.  Originally it was going to be part of a Chaos table, but heck I just wanted some Necron tomb world love.

The major piece is still unbuilt, and will probably make a Chaos shrine.  Now I just need to make a big center piece for the tomb world.  Ideas?

Lastly, a simple bit of area terrain for the Chaos table.  Using the skull bits from the Arcane Ruins kit.  Did I mention that kit kicks but.


That's all for now kids.   Back to Stargate Universe and drybrushing (yay!).

Sunday, July 1, 2012



My girlfriend has been in Mesa Verde doing field work for the last four weeks, which has provided me ample time to build terrain.  I started with projects already half started and partially thought out.  Below are the results.

First up, some area terrain ruined buildings and the start of my power plant.


Painted area terrain

Trenches, built long ago by a mythical being (I believe his name is Deke)



At the club we had some old Cities of Death buildings an bits in disarray and in need of love, results:



Painted power plant.  I need to add some decals to the main reactor to break up the solid black.

Another angle

At a tournament in Spokane we made off with some sweet loot.  One of the winners, Dan, donated his prize money to build terrain for the Brawl.  A real class act dude, hope he makes it down.  Below are the results of his generosity.


Back side with crater.

Well Stefani is back in town for a week, then to Mongolia for a month.  So I plan on having some progress on my Apocalypse table.  Check in when I can.