Saturday, April 28, 2012

First Terrain Day

Venue negotiations complete!

The venue and date is very close to being set! We'll be making the final announcement next week!


Between our clubhouse's terrain supply and the rather large private collections of terrain our members, we can put together a pretty classy selection of tables! However, with the number of tables we want to provide, we still have a good amount of work to do.

We need a lot of different terrain types! Large Line of Sight blocking terrain, smaller pieces of LoS blocking terrain, area terrain, scatter terrain. That means bunkers, ruins, hills, crystal forests, shell-blasted buildings!

That is a lot of work ahead of us. The first step is making bases to build this terrain on.

Twenty nine cut and sanded 1/8" MDF bases! Four of the bases are sized for larger centerpiece terrain pieces, while the rest are a variety of sizes for area terrain and building bunkers and other smaller LoS blocking terrain onto.

Thats right around 16 square feet of bases laid out there. It sure seems like a lot, until you realize how little that actually is. A standard terrain layout at 25% coverage is 6 square feet of terrain. That makes this lot of bases good for only a light terrain load on three tables.

I guess its back to the saw!

Thanks for reading,


  1. That looks familiar lol. Good ole MDF kidney terrain. Its surprising how much work goes into even simple terrain making when you gotta cover 16+ tables.

  2. I've got a monster 3" forstner bit in the mail, and a big ol' bag of 3" wooden discs as well. The 3" pucks will make the area terrain function the way the 5th edition area terrain rules read, just in time for 6th edition to change them! :-)