Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Terrain progress!

Alex and I have had a lot of progress in building terrain! I took some pictures, and then somehow misplaced them in the dark depths of my Android phone. Where did they go? I blame the Grey Knights.

Last weekend a posse of DMB members made the journey north to Spokane, where we fought in a 1500 pt tournament at Hobby Town. We had some great games and invited some cool folks to the Brawl.We picked up a few boxes of the Imperial terrain kits, and with those new materials I started building this as a centerpiece for one of our urban tables:

Crypt of the Fallen Hero
I still have some pieces I'd like to add, but the main structure is in place! It was a lot of fun putting the styrene rod "rebar" into place, and making green stuff sandbags to fortify the Crypt. Today I'll be putting the rest of the rubble and sand into place, and getting a basecoat onto it. 

I hope to see you at the Brawl!


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