Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Scatter Terrain

Well it's easy to get distracted.  Especially when your girlfriend is in town for a week, and even more so when a new edition of 40k is released.  Sixth edition has a lot of exciting content, as well as crazy new rules. One of the sections that got me most excited was the new terrain rules and it got me thinking about the Brawl again.  Specifically how we needed specific terrain.  So I started with the kits I had.

One of the boyz had the GW tank trap sprues, and another the razor wire.  Results:


The razor wire needs a hit of black ink and some rust, but you get the idea.  After checking out the price on GW tank traps I did some google searches and went to my local hobby store.  Turns out, it is way cheaper to make them on your own.


Close up:


These are really simple.  Get some styrene H-Columns.  Cut them into 2" lengths.  Glue two bits into a cross, then add a third piece.  I am going to add razor wire to some of these.

Fast easy terrain pieces, that use the new 6th Edition rules.  Huzzah!

We picked up another GW fantasy kit at the Spokane tournament, the Arcane Ruins.  Based on the picture n the GW site, this doesn't look like a big terrain kit.  However I found it has lots of potential and you can get a lot out of it.  Originally it was going to be part of a Chaos table, but heck I just wanted some Necron tomb world love.

The major piece is still unbuilt, and will probably make a Chaos shrine.  Now I just need to make a big center piece for the tomb world.  Ideas?

Lastly, a simple bit of area terrain for the Chaos table.  Using the skull bits from the Arcane Ruins kit.  Did I mention that kit kicks but.


That's all for now kids.   Back to Stargate Universe and drybrushing (yay!).

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