Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good news everyone the Brawl is back online!

The Brawl will be September 28-29 at the Gladdish Community Center in Pullman WA.

And by that I mean my torpor has worn off from last years terrain-a-thon and work has started anew on this years event.  Last years TO, Magnus Wood, will be mostly sidelined this year as most of his time is being spent on the creation of a new genetic monstrosity, half-breed monster.  What most normal people would call a child.  But I know it will truly be a paint slave.

We had an amazing turnout last year, and we are planning on going even BIGGER this year!  Tell you friends, get your buddies and crack a beer.  Also get a paintbrush because this year will be FULLY PAINTED.  Last year I argued that being so close on the heels of the 6th Edition release we should allow unpainted models in so people could try out the wheels of the new edition.  This year we are well into the depths of 6th edition and if you aren't painting flyers and fortifications you must be playing Infinity... which is a great game BTW.

Last year we stuck with allies, fortifications and 2000 points which allowed the ugly head of the double force org. to arise.  Much to the chagrin of the naysayers this did not lead to horrible matches (that was the table with only a trench to block LOS, sorry about that one).  However since GW is no longer providing tournament guidelines the community is lost about point levels, composition and .... FORGEWORLD!!!!!!

So we are in hot debate about these issues in Moscow ID, fists are flying and insults are bandied about personal opinions on how to arrange a tournament.  So we pose to you, yeah you, the community. What would you like to see?  Should we allow Forgeworld? Double forge org.? Ban allies? Require fortifications? What do YOU want to see in a tournament?

Voice your opinion here in the comments or head to our forums:

I leave you with my favorite shot from last year!
 photo Brawl074.jpg
The Emperor does not sux! All glory to him!


  1. Yes to all, no Forgeworld. Those goobers from the hinterlands (Seattle & Portland) will abuse the shit out of it, so just keep it normal style. Dual Force Org, Fully Painted, Fortifications is good. Lets not get wacky with the wacky sauce.

  2. So should we ban you? cause your sauce is wack like crack!

  3. my thoughts here:

    but what do I know :P

  4. Same setup as last year sounds fun.

    Though I can't make it this year so my opinion carries very little weight.

  5. NO TO FW!

    NO to that HUGE fortification (Terrain issues you know)

    Pre-set terrain (Last year it was da bomb)

    No double Force org, BUT, allow Nids to ally with themselves.

  6. We are going with 1850 points and NO forgeworld. We plan on including all the 40k legal fortifications, and terrain issues will be dealt with by judges. Who may have to move terrain to make things fit.

  7. Yay, no forge world! I think I might travel to this.