Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Terrain Day

I know we have been silent lately, but that is the calm before the storm!

Okay, who am I kidding.  We are all frantically trying to update our armies to sixth edition and get them painted up for OFCC in August.  We did still manage to get a day aside and do some good work.  With a barbecue, some beer, foam, bitz, and boyz we set to work.

Between some PVC pipes and some other plastic terrain kits we knocked up some pipe world terrain.
 photo WIPTerrain012_zps697c3996.jpg

These provide some partial line of sight blocking and good cover for infantry models.  While providing a different but aesthetic look to the table.

 photo WIPTerrain014_zps3af6e1cc.jpg

To provide more scatter terrain and narrative style tables we produced a few more pieces of rubble and supply depots.  These are perfect for filling the voids between medium and large terrain pieces, they aren't game changers but they fill in gaps and look cool.

These bits of ruin are scavenged from blue foam scraps and the dredges of our bitz box.

 photo WIPTerrain020_zpsbb0be85c.jpg

These supply depots are based on resin casts done by Magnus and spruced up with spare weapons from various kits.  These are some of my favorite terrain as it actually looks like something worth fighting for.  And really provides a unique piece for a battle field.

 photo WIPTerrain023_zps4ad2d64d.jpg

Of course we need a lot of effective filler terrain and what does that better than hills?  Nothing!

 photo WIPTerrain015_zpse81d30a6.jpg

I also started on some trees.  I will be posting a tutorial on these soon!

 photo WIPTerrain029_zps92ea9fac.jpg

Things to come...

 photo WIPTerrain030_zpsa8c1380a.jpg


  1. Dang, those are cool. I especially like the pipe world stuff. They look easy, effective and cool. What more could you ask for? I think I will build some!

  2. They are super easy, and very cheap to make. I added the bits from this kit. It adds a lot of detail quickly and easily. Sprucing up the boring PVC with little effort.

    Will post painted pics soon(ish)

  3. Makes me doubt my choice of going to Comicon instead of da Brawl.

    Oh well. Maybe next year!
    (I seem to remember saying the same thing last year...hmmmm)

  4. Comicon instead of the da Brawl. You must be crazy?

    Well we plan on doing it around the same time each year so keep your calendar open. Or just, you know ... sell those comicon tickets and come this year

  5. Lol, if I can land this enviro-engineer in Lewiston I may do just that

  6. The pipe world gives me ConQuest seattle flash backs. Its all fun and games until your shooty MCs can't see to shoot anything (pipes are at eye level) but can get shot at will (below the pipe is exposed). :p But the entire board was like that top right piece in the 2nd pick, without really anything else, so I am digging the variety you have going on with these ones. Nice work.

  7. Thanks Dan, I am trying to make a god variety so I can spread them around to provide low cover for infantry and some mixed partial LOS blocking for big gribblies and vehicles.