Monday, August 19, 2013

Life after OFCC

Wow, what a year.

I spent that last six months working on getting my Chaos Space Marines ready for OFCC this year.  Which involved painting two Heldrakes, a Maulerfiend, a Forgefiend, seven chaos bikers, a lord on a Juggernaut and ten marines.  So I am not a super fast painter and that really left me cross eyed by the end of it, especially with the display board blitz the last few nights. 

I had a great time at OFCC and really appreciate all the work the Ordo guys put into it (especially now that I have done an event 1/4 that size) .  But now it is time to work on the BRAWL!!!!!

So first off!  BIG NEWS!!!!!!!


Last year we sold only 28 ticket out of 32 available.  It was very exciting to get such a turn out on our virgin run.  This year we opened up 40 spots ... and they were sold out before we went to OFCC (and last year we had not sold a single ticket before OFCC).  So we buckled to pressure and opend up 8 more spots.  They are all GONE.  We have 48 players registered.

This is very exciting and I want to thank everyone who has purchased a ticket, or even just expressed interest.  For those of you who did not get a ticket in time I am dreadfully sorry.  We are working like dogs to get terrain ready but are not willing to sacrifice quality for quantity.  Next year we will get even bigger.

So thanks for all your support, and sorry for being so quiet this year.  Its just been a different animal (stupid Heldrakes...)

See you soon,

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