Monday, March 24, 2014

DMB Brawl 2014 Update

First there was the Heldrake - and it was terrifying.  Sending Marines scuttling about and wondering when they would get Flakk Missiles.  It was quickly shot down by those darn fishy Tau and their plethora of strength 7 shots.  They were soon joined by the Eldar and their pimpmobile of hovering doom.  Khan attempted to ride to the rescue and it was looking good - then he got some Inquisitor friends - followed by an excess of digital documents and pamphlets.  Somewhere in there were were allowed to use Super Heavies with strength D weapons and bring entire trench works with AV 15 bunkers and their own strength D weapons to our 40k games.

And we were all left wondering what happened?

Knight Titans are a thing too, how about that!

Oh yeah, and Tyranids got a codex and it was reviled - until you got the add on that prevents you from contesting objectives held by Gargoyles.

Warhammer 40k we dub the Shenanigans.

Aside from a rambling, grammatical nightmare what is going on here?


The DMB Brawl is on for it's third year!  Yeah thats right, we are going for the magic number three and we are getting crazy in this house.  First some major news.

DATE: August 2-3

Location: Gladish Community Center, Pullman WA

caveat - we are in a NEW room!!!!!!!!

Thats right we are moving from the spacious gym to the upstairs view room, what does this mean for you?  Well slightly less space but mostly CARPETS AND AIR-CONDITIONING!  Rejoice ye nerds, rejoice!  So have some pics:

See how sexy, yeah I know your feet are already feeling better.

Format: 1850 points - all supplements (Escalation, Stronghold Assault, Data Slates, and who knows what else they will release between now and then) - all codices (including Imperial Knights, DUH) - Forge World (anything 40k approved)

I know, crazy right?  well thats what we do best, let the cat out of the bag and see if anyone can catch it.

I don't want to play any of that crazy stuff? Why can't I just wipe out marine armies with TauDar….
This is a legitimate question and we want to make sure that everyone has great games and enjoys the event.  To that end we will be doing what we can to separate players based on their lists (probably by having a bracket system) to ensure that they play other lists of comparable game level.  We will not be banning units or instilling a comp system, but try to break players into groups that are on equal power levels.

The Brawl will also be taking a turn away from the standard Grand Tournament format and drive more towards an event, with more goals and objectives for players that exists outside the normal game format.  We want this to be a weekend of awesome.

Awesome games
Awesome armies
Awesome beer
Awesome friends

You get the idea.

Please feel free to share your ideas/thoughts/complaints.

Happy hunting,

and some parting shots

This is Kharn and his Berzerkers

This is Kharn after the White Scars fire


  1. I'll be there, probably non-super heavy bracket with IG.

  2. How many rounds/games/days?