Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DMB Brawl 2014 Rules

1850 pts, 7th edition 40k
Battle-forged "1+1" format, Forgeworld "40k Approved" is allowed.
All codices, supplements, and dataslates are allowed, as long as they fit in the format.

Battle-forged "1+1" Format:
You get 1x Combined Arms Detachment, plus 1 (one) of the following:
- 1x Allies Detachment or
- 1x Formation or
- 1x Additional Combined Arms Detachment

WE IZ SPECIAL: If your codex has a special type of detachment, you can swap a CAD for that special detachment. ie Ork Horde swapped for your CAD

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE: Even if you take two Combined Arms Detachments, please bring only one Lord of War. Two would be silly.

BRING ALL THE TOOLS: You have the option of bringing two lists, with the limitation that both lists must contain the same faction of Primary Detachment. You and your opponent will meet, look over each others lists, and then make a choice as to which of your lists you would like to play. They can be as similar or as different as you'd like other than the requirement listed. This way you can bring a standard Take All Comers list, as well as a list that is better able to take on the dreaded Lords of War.

FOLLOW THE CODEX ASTARTES: No Unbound, please! We're approaching the new edition as a toolkit, so we are taking some of the options available and trying to assemble a fun event.

Any questions?

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