Saturday, May 21, 2016

Army Construction Guidelines

Army construction:

·         7th Edition 40k
·         1850 Points
·         Detachments:
o   Unlimited formations and/or detachments
o   Battle Forged armies only
o   Warlord must be selected from largest point value detachment
·         Restrictions:
o   No fortifications – It’s a brawl; you’re on the offense with no time for defensive structures.
o   Maximum of 1 of either Gargantuan Creature or Super Heavy
o   No Come the Apocalypse Allies
o   All armies must be fully painted
·         Sources:
o   Current 30k rules are allowed
o   Current Forgeworld rules are allowed
o   Current 40k rules & codexes are allowed.  Out of print/out of date Dataslates and Formations are not allowed.  If you can’t buy the rules from GW, don’t use them. 

There have been a few questions on verification of army lists and what happens if someone has an error in the list.  Therefore, the following is put together.  If you have any questions/comments/recommendations, please let me know prior to September 1, 2016. Everything will be finalized at that point.

Army Construction Adherence:

While Brawl is intended for fun, it sounds like adherence to army construction requirements is a big deal around the infallible internet.  If your army is found to be out of adherence with the above construction requirements you will be required to correct the army list immediately.  Depending on the level of concern you may be docked battle points for the rounds (misplacing a piece of wargear) or lose that round (playing at 2k points or having 3 Factions).

Pre-Tournament List Checking:

Seven (7) hard copies of your army list must be provided.  This includes a copy for each of five (5) opponents, one (1) for the TO, and one (1) for yourself.  Having copies available will be reflected in sportsmanship scores. 

One of the hard copies must be submitted at the time of tournament check-in.  A cursory review of the list will be conducted at that time.  Any errors will need to be corrected at that time.  The top three scores for Best General will have a thorough review of army lists.  Any errors at that point will disqualify that player for Best General.  


  1. What is the policy on custom built or non-GW models? Does everything have to be what you see is what you get?

    1. Non GW is just fine.

      WYSIWYG is preferred. The main goal is that your opponent knows what you have. Saying a power sword is a power fist won't fly. But a magical tempest of swirling doom could be a power fist.