Thursday, June 23, 2016

Drop Pods & GW FAQs

Brawl will be utilizing the most recent GW FAQs for the tournament.  That means that the DRAFT FAQs will be utilized if the final versions are not completed by September 1.

Notable Exception:

Drop Pods.  While I'm apparently a 40k Fanboy, the new view on Drop Pods does not appear to be tournament friendly.  This is probably the only time I'll make a direct contradiction or ruling counter to GW.

Drop Pods doors will be ignored for tournament.

This may be updated on September 1, 2016 during final rule packet modification.

Flyers & Brawl

Brawl 2016 will be using the revised Flyer Rules available in Death From the Skies 2016.  However, the Dogfight Phase will NOT be used.  What does this mean for you?

If you don't have a Flyer:

nothing really changed, but expect enemy Flyers to be a little more agile in the sky.  Please utilize Google or Bing (probably not Yahoo though) to find out more.  A copy of Death from the Skies will be available for table rulings, but do not expect to be able to read the rules at the tournament.

If you have a Flyer:

  • Use the new dataslate.
  • Have a copy of the dataslate available for your opponents to view.  This can be a digital copy.
  • If someone has a giant sob story about not being able to buy a copy of the new flyer rules and can't find a digital copy of the new dataslates:  see me during check-in.  You must have a copy of the original codex and/or dataslate available.  This may involve a giant gold star sticker on a forehead.